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As Lafayette's premier auto detailer, Full Attention to Detail offers a full array of vehicle interior and exterior restorative services. Utilizing the most advanced techniques and products available and always keeping attention on the details, Full Attention to Detail guarantees exceptional results.

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  • From Porsche to Pinto, from the start we do it right.

Daily Drivers, Weekend Rollers, Showplace Winners and Garaged Exotics, we correct finishes of all vehicle types. We provide the best in protection and maintenance all together not just in one detail package but months after the inital appointment. Time and spaces are limited as we provide these services only five weeks at a time then close for five weeks. The rotation repeats so check the calendar for updates!

  • Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter we care.

Extra time is a must in the care of our investments we all rely on day to day. As much as you care for your engine, we do this with your exterior finish, rims, and interior. While detailing we take the time to inform and educate clients with the steps it takes to preserve and maintain their vehicles' appearance. We do more than wax your vehicle while detailing. Attention to the surface is taken and all steps needed are put into place to ensure your finish gets the best protection possible.

  • Wanting to sell your vehicle?

We will increase value to your trade-in. We have proven results that have helped clients get the maximum trade in value. Some clients we have helped sell their vehicle privately within 24 hours of our work. Appearances are important! Dealerships consider the finish condition of all trade-ins so don't miss out on gaining that top dollar trade value.